Championing Creativity and Graphic Arts in Nottingham


Mitch Proctor

Graphic Designer and Illustrator. University of Lincoln Grad and sometimes lecturer.

Sam Minton

Hi Sam. Could you tell me about where you grew up? I grew up in Salisbury which is a lovely little quaint Cathedral city in Wiltshire. It’s very small and picturesque; I think it’s only technically a city because it has a cathedral. It was a nice city to grow up in, but I moved from …

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Amy Blackwell

To begin with, could you tell me about where you grew up? Well, I am originally from Derby though my family are all London based. I came over to Nottingham to study, did my foundation course, then went on to do art related subjects at university and I’ve kinda just stayed around here. I’ve always …

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Could you tell me about where you grew up? I grew up in a little village called Wheatley, just outside of Oxfordshire. It’s a small town, about the size of Bingham and surrounded by a lot of farm. No graffiti on the walls, but a lot of historic sites and woods. Tell me about the …

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Pop Press

Let’s start at the beginning. Tell me about where you grew up and what your childhood was like. MING: I was born in Yorkshire, and then we moved to Rochdale because my gran had bought a chip shop and she didn’t speak English. So I grew up and went to school [there]. And then me and …

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