Mitch Proctor

Graphic Designer and Illustrator. University of Lincoln Grad and sometimes lecturer.

Sam Minton

Hi Sam. Could you tell me about where you grew up? I grew up in Salisbury which is a lovely little quaint Cathedral city in Wiltshire. It’s very small and picturesque; I think it’s only technically a city because it has a cathedral. It was a nice city to grow up in, but I moved from …

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Amy Blackwell

To begin with, could you tell me about where you grew up? Well, I am originally from Derby though my family are all London based. I came over to Nottingham to study, did my foundation course, then went on to do art related subjects at university and I’ve kinda just stayed around here. I’ve always …

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Could you tell me about where you grew up? I grew up in a little village called Wheatley, just outside of Oxfordshire. It’s a small town, about the size of Bingham and surrounded by a lot of farm. No graffiti on the walls, but a lot of historic sites and woods. Tell me about the …

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Pop Press

Let’s start at the beginning. Tell me about where you grew up and what your childhood was like. MING: I was born in Yorkshire, and then we moved to Rochdale because my gran had bought a chip shop and she didn’t speak English. So I grew up and went to school [there]. And then me and …

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